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Whether it be a boat trailer, flatbed or cattle trailer, horsebox, grain trailer, trailed crop sprayer or even a fertilizer spreader - the problems with the lighting systems are nearly always the same; faulty or broken plugs, damaged wires, cracked lenses, broken bulbs etc. By using the Rockfit Lighting System virtually all of these problems can be overcome, the unique patented over-moulded crush resistant plug, the steel braided wiring, waterproof integral junction box, water-tight push fit connectors, waterproof CE marked LED lamps make trailer lighting 'issues', a thing of the past.

Rockfit Lighting Systems are pre-wired thus making new & retrofit fitting:- fast, easy, cost effective and unless otherwise specified all systems are rated to IP68 - so there is no problem when it comes to washing down farm machinery, plant trailers or 'floating off' boats. Standard lighting kits come complete with a pre-wired loom,  Rear Lamp Clusters, Number Plate & Amber Side Marker Lights.
Options can include, White Front Marker Lights & Hazard Beacons.
7 & 13 pin Plug options available.

Tailored Systems are available with front & multiple side markers, switchable work lamps & hazard warning beacons, hydraulic control relays, 12v actuators, powered from your 7 pin plug and controlled from a Push Button Key Fob, iPad/iPhone or Android device.

Don't have a 13pin socket, but want fog and reversing lights? - use our Reversing / Fog Lamp Kit, it easily fits to existing Rockfit or generic lighting systems. Click HERE for details.

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