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A Guide to Rockfit Lighting Systems

The System

The RockFit system will provide you with all your lighting & accessory control requirements you need to light your trailer or machinery.

The basic kit comprises of an over-moulded 7 or 13 pin plug, steel wire armoured cable throughout, latest technology LED Brake/Tail/Indicator Lamps c/w full installation instructions, cable ties and drilling template.

The Rockfit System is the complete pre-wired solution to your trailer lighting requirements.
  • 2 year replacement policy
  • Designed, Manufactured and Produced in Western Europe
  • Works with standard 7 & 13 pin sockets - US Specs available upon request
  • Various standard sizes available for immediate delivery, as well as custom built systems to suit your needs

The Plug
  • Over-Moulded to Steel Wire Armoured Cable
  • 7 Pin and 13 Pin arrangement
  • Core is resin filled for strength, durability and reliability
  • Stainless Steel insert
  • Manufactured from custom mix TPV (Thermopolyvinyl)
  • 100% resistant to oil, water, UV and grease
  • Can withstand over 5 1/2 tonnes of downward pressure
  • Optional colours available for volume orders

The Wire & Fittings
  • Heavy duty flexible steel braided - bonded into the plug
  • Push-fit watertight fittings to IP68 - bonded onto the cable & lamp units
The Lamps
  • Latest Technology LED
  • Each LED works independently
  • Resin filled lenses, no more replacing bulbs or lamps
  • G2 Connectivity for ease of installation
  • Completely submersible and water-proof
  • High Impact resistant
  • Available in various sizes and function
  • All lamps used are CE approved and E9 accredited
  • 100,000 capacity hours


We can adapt your lighting system to power a range of accessories, from electro-hydraulic valve relays, actuator rams, electric motors, warning and work lamps from either a push button key fob or Apple/Android phones & tablets - if it moves we can control it!