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LED Work, Reversing & Off Road Lamps

This is a selection of the most popular work lamps. We have many more models available, if you require a specific size / style please contact Ian on 07803 596660 with your requirements.

These lights unless otherwise stated can be integrated into the Rockfit Wiring System, with direct, switched, infra-red or 'touch screen' switching on the side light circuit. Multiple circuits are available subject to the vehicle power supply - please contact Ian on 07803 596660 with your requirements or email by clicking

ALL of our Work & Flood Lamps have a minimum 2yr Warranty against product failure*

Like most LED work lights / flood lamps on the maket these type of lamps are NOT designed or authorised to be used on the public highway as driving / fog lamps - unless clearly stated with CE / EU Approval markings. We accept no liability of any possible fines / prosecutions, however the lights are used.

* failure of LED's