What our customer's say

Mathew, Samco Agricultural Manufacturing, Eire.
"We not only use the Rockfit Lighting System on our machines, we have the company manufacture the wiring looms and PCB's for the control of the planting and metering systems and with machines going to over 40 countries worldwide, 'it has to work first time, every time' & it does.

Ed Banks, Thomas Banks and Partners, Cambridge.
"We purchased our first Rockfit Lighting System for our Vaderstaad Drill in August 2013, due to the vibration, the life expectancy of the original bulbs & lenses was to say the least 'short'. We have fitted a second unit to our Bale Stacker and will be fitting units to all machines as required. Fitting took less than 30 minutes. I cannot recommend this system highly enough".

Luke, Syngenta - Cambridge.
We fitted our first set of Rockfit lights in December 2014, since then we have bought 3 more sets for the trailers that are used all over the country on our trials plots. Replacing the complete lighting system with the pre-wired Rockfit Lighting System is so easy, the time to rewire a whole trailer is often less than rewiring a plug or replacing a lamp unit with the added knowledge that you know 'it will work, first time & everytime'.  We have many students who can sometimes be described as 'in-attentive' when it comes to detaching cables or what is behind the trailer when reversing, as yet they have not managed to wreck a set & they have tried!!