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WiFi Connectivity

Like many things, trailer lighting is undergoing a change and we along with Rockfit Lighting Systems & Control are spearheading this change by bringing a new style connectivity and control to trailer & auxiliary lighting.
We have all heard of controlling our lighting & heating
     whether at home, office or even warming your car
     from our mobile phones, well we have taken this a
     step further by adding this type of technology to
     trailer lighting and systems control.

Firstly, when we plug our trailer lights in, how many of us actually walk round the vehicle and check all the lights are working OR have someone at hand to check the brake lights?  Just imagine that as soon as you plug in your trailer lighting the whole system does a scan and if there is a fault or bulb out you get and instant message on your mobile.

Maybe you have a horsebox or large trailer and want lighting to see what you are doing in and around the trailer?  So why not switch the lights on before you even get out of your vehicle?  Loading a horse can sometimes be 'a challenge' mainly because the horse is going into a darker environment and that can cause hesitation/panic, why not fit some LED 'warm lights' within the horsebox so it has a welcoming atmosphere - we can even supply robust light strips that will identify the edge of the ramps, hopefully avoiding sprained ankles and tendons - for both horse and rider and ALL powered from the 7 Pin Plug

When reversing a trailer at night rarely is there enough light, so fit a powerful reversing light on the trailer - without the need of a 13pin plug or a vehicle 'rewire' and remember
all of this can be controlled from your mobile phone or tablet.

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